Visualising Simulation Data from the VE using maps, floor plans & dashboards

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This course follows on from our Using Business Intelligence (BI) tools to analyse and visualise VE results course and allows you to use the powerful capabilities in specialist data analysis and visualisation tools, to import, analyse, visualise and report on your VE simulation results, specifically showing you how to use the Map functions, import and attach data to floor plans and create a novel time-series radar chart. You will learn how to:

  • Set-up and run a basic VE model and view results in Vista Pro
  • Run a python script to export and format your results into an Excel Workbook
  • Export a DXF floor plan from the VE and then import this into Tableau Public
  • Configure your floor plan and attach and visualise animated simulation data
  • Set-up advanced bubble charts, density plots and animations
  • Visualise geographic data using latitude and longitude
  • Create a novel radar chart for visualising your time-series data
  • Publish and share your dashboards online
This course builds on the fundamental Tableau Public skills, assisting you in developing competence in advanced data analysis and helping you to communicate your projects using collaborative online tools. The python script which accompanies the course, is designed to help you to export your VE data quickly, saving you time manually formatting the results in a spreadsheet.

Your Instructor

Dr. Naghman Khan
Dr. Naghman Khan

Dr. Naghman Khan has been working in the field of building simulation, performance modelling and data visualisation for over 10 years. Naghman has been working with IES for 4 years and was previously an Energy and Data consultant for the NHS, Higher Education sector and commercial real estate. Naghman is also a user of multiple data visualisation software tools including Tableau, IBM Watson, the IESVE and many more. He is Secretary of the CIBSE Building Simulation Group and co-author of CIBSE AM11: Building Performance Modelling. He has combined his passion for big data and data visualisation with simulation and modelling and regularly discusses these topics on his Vizfully blog.

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