RadianceIES is a detailed 3D simulation tool designed to predict daylight, and the appearance of internal spaces prior to construction. If using in conjunction with LightPro simulations can be performed for electric lighting only or for schemes combining daylight and electric light.

It uses sophisticated ray-tracing techniques to produce photo-realistic images and takes into account:

  • Position of your building and site
  • Time of day and date
  • Sky conditions
  • Material properties
  • Shading surfaces
  • Adjacent buildings

There are no limitations on the materials and geometry which can be simulated. Both luminance (what your eye sees) and surface or working plane illuminance (what the surface receives) can be analysed.

RadianceIES uses scientific data to create its images, so you and your clients will really understand the impact of light within a building. It generates detailed simulations from which you can obtain lux, glare and daylight factor information, enabling you to design and test natural and electric lighting systems and make your building a better, more energy-efficient place to be.

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Hans Dhargalkar
Hans Dhargalkar

IES Training Manager, Hans Dhargalkar, is our most experienced trainer with over 20 years unparalleled experience in training customers in the Virtual Environment. He is responsible for creating IES training programmes and materials. Hans holds an Honours Degree and a Masters degree. Before joining IES, he was involved with wind tunnel testing, fire protection and building services software.

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