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ApacheHVAC uses a flexible schematic component-based approach that enables you to quickly assemble HVAC plant and control systems. You can build from scratch or from pre-defined autosizable systems.

The module is dynamically integrated with our thermal analysis tool ApacheSim. This is vital in providing a building-integrated approach where the HVAC system and building are assessed as a whole; allowing all gains/losses, heat transfer and thermal mass in the building to be accounted for alongside system performance.

Time steps down to 1 minute can be defined to capture detailed dynamics. You also have the option of combining detailed and idealised HVAC plant models for different rooms in the same model.

In the training video you will be shown the basics of creating HVAC plant and control networks for a building using IES's ApacheHVAC tool. You will see how to create simple networks for subsequent use by ApacheSim, IES's dynamic thermal simulation module.

You will be shown how to perform ApacheSim dynamic simulations using these networks and you will also look at relevant results within Vista, IES's results viewer.

You will create the HVAC networks for a building model previously created using ModelIT, where you have also set the site location data using the APlocate utility. Constructions and thermal data (internal gains and air exchanges) have also been previously assigned using the Apache software.

You will be shown how to create more complex HVAC networks and controls as well as the system library and autosizing functionality.

Your Instructor

Hans Dhargalkar
Hans Dhargalkar

IES Training Manager, Hans Dhargalkar, is our most experienced trainer with over 20 years unparalleled experience in training customers in the Virtual Environment. He is responsible for creating IES training programmes and materials. Hans holds an Honours Degree and a Masters degree. Before joining IES, he was involved with wind tunnel testing, fire protection and building services software.

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