MicroFlo is a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) module concerned with the numerical simulation of air flow and heat transfer. MicroFlo undertakes internal or external air flow and thermal studies.

In this training video you will learn how to use Microflo to predict air flow and temperature profiles in buildings, taking into account boundary conditions such as the effects of climate, internal energy sources and natural ventilation openings.

MicroFlo can be used to:

  • Predict internal occupant comfort temperatures, air temperature and airflow; optimise supply grille placement
  • Investigate in detail natural and mixed mode ventilation strategies
  • Analyse outdoor wind flow effects and pedestrian comfort and safety

Your Instructor

Harshad Joshi
Harshad Joshi

Harshad is an expert CFD consultant, having developed from a mechanical engineering background. At IES his global project experience has included consulting on displacement ventilation, data centre energy modelling, heat island effects, clean rooms and particulate dispersion.

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