IMPACT is a unique toolset from IES that allows construction professionals to optimise the sustainability of their building design by analysing the embodied impact and life cycle cost of material/product choices, and operational energy efficiency.

In this online course you will be shown how to perform LCA and LCC analysis on your project while also achieving over 10% of your overall BREEAM score using IMPACT. You will learn more about this new IMPACT approach to integrated LCC, LCA and energy performance analysis, and its relationship to BREEAM credits MAT-01 and MAN-05.

This course also gives you access to a set of IMPACT prerequisite videos for those who have no experience using the Virtual Environment.

Your Instructor

Dr. Ken Beattie
Dr. Ken Beattie

Senior Project Manager, Ken Beattie, is an experienced instructor who has been training IESVE users since 2011, having previously spent 25 years teaching Building Physics at the Dublin Institute of Technology. Ken has an Honours Degree in Engineering from Strathclyde University, a Masters Degree in Energy Simulation Buildings from Dublin University, a Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Management from Dublin Institute of Technology and a PhD from Sheffield University for his research in Sustainable Building Design using Simulation.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts as soon as the purchase is made and never ends as your yearly subscription will automatically renew each year.
What if I want to cancel the course?
No problem, you can cancel your course subscription at any time and the year access that you have paid for will not end until the year is up.
Any other questions?
If you have any other questions please contact our training team via [email protected]

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